BIZPATHIA makes the MILLICENTI Platform available to its Clients to exploit the possibilities of the METAVERSO. This is a Community where we will invest together through the acquisition of Shares.

The Platform will be managed by BIZPATHIA and the Exploitation Profits will be distributed proportionally to the Shares that each person has acquired. Said Participations will be valid for each period of 18 extendable months. After which the corresponding Settlement will be carried out.

This is a Community where you can participate, through the acquisition of Shares, in MILLICENTI’s Investments for the Exploitation of its Assets in the METAVERSE: Real Estate (properties of various types in various places in the world) and Artistic (works of digital art of outstanding new artists.

MILLICENTI is not intended to invest, buy, sell or hold cryptocurrencies.

MILLICENTI does not have as its objective the management of investments in the markets: financial or goods and services, on behalf of third parties.

MILLICENTI’s activity is protected by Spanish commercial and tax legislation, in articles 239 to 243 of the current Commercial Code; and subject to the tax regulations in the General Tax Law and other current legal provisions.

MILLICENTI fully complies with all national and third country legal requirements regarding the prevention of money laundering from illicit activities.

Digital art in the metaverse

“Metaverse” is a combination of the prefix “meta”, which means beyond, and “universe.” The Metaverse is a world beyond the universe. An otherworldly place, so to speak. In the Metaverse you can buy and sell virtual lands, avatars and even buildings. In these virtual environments, people can move freely with their friends, attend events, and purchase goods and services; basically, doing exactly the same thing they can do in the real world.

Given the immersive approach of the metaverse, based on a mixed virtual space to work, play, create, and socialize, specialists consider that its trend will increase for businesses. This is thanks to technologies such as Web 3.0, which works in a decentralized manner on the blockchain, and non-fungible cryptographic tokens (NFT).

In August 2021, OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer tweeted that they had reached $95 MILLION in transactions in 2 days. In addition, Bloomberg estimated months ago that the NFTs market will be worth more than 40 billion euros in 2022.

NFT Applications